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Holistica Make & Take Classes!!

    Have you heard all the hype surrounding essential oils and the benefits they have? Have you already purchased some oils and you're now wondering what to do with them? Have you figured out how to use them, but you want more? Whether essential oils are already a part of your life or you're brand new to them, these classes are something you should check out!

        So, what is a Make & Take class you ask?  Basically you will gather some friends, an essential oil enthusiast will come to your location, enthusiast will talk about essential oils, and we will make fun and useful products with the oils which you get to keep! You and your guests will get to choose 3 items a piece to make. Items include various cleaning products, room/linen sprays, wellness roll-ons, body scrubs, etc. You'll all learn about the awesome benefits of essential oils and how to use them in your every day life. The cost is $20/guest. The host of the party doesn't pay anything! There is a 3 person party minimum.

      If you have questions and/or would like to set up a class please call or email me:)                                    724-747-9749/sheena@myabmp.com



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